The era is gone that the HRM tooling only serves the HR department or the line management.

We will deliver the platform which enables the transparency in any organisation. Full team reviews, peer reviews, manager reviews, kudo systems, etc.

TeamSpirit is there to support the development of people, teams and organisations. All packaged in a useful tool.


TeamSpirit platform

TeamSpirit is a professional online platform which enables transparency and supports the new ways to manage a company. The tool does not only serve the HR or People Operations departments of the company, it also helps the teams to develop.

It is a tool solely made to support the modern organization.

As a manager we always say that you need to organize your holidays with your team. But the HR tooling only asks for the approval of the manager. Why? One of the functions will be for example to plan the holidays in collaboration with your teammates.

Ever had a one on one meeting? TeamSpirit will provide a framework for the employee and the manager to prepare. Not only for the planning, but also how to set the agenda or how to discuss a difficult situation with the manager.

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Companies with up to 25 employees can use TeamSpirit for free!

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HRM software

What are we actually talking about? HRM software is in general a platform which is created to support the work of the Human Resource (HR) department to fulfill their duties. Some companies choose to use different terms to address these activities. A famous one is the People Operations department at Google. Very well explained by Laszlo Bock in his book Work Rules!

HR Management software automates the human resource business processes. It gives a centralized view of the company’s workforce by integrating a wide array of applications suchs as talent acquisition, benefits administration, compensation management, performance management, succession planning, and career development.

Another term often used is HCM, human capital management. The latter term refers to the administrative management of an organization’s people.


With TeamSpirit we want to increase the transparency in the total organization. Our focus is on implementing many ways for teams to collaborate and learn from each other. To have transparent feedback and to see how the managers in the company are doing.

We will achievels this by listening closely to all the stakeholders. Learning about the newest insights, suggesting the changes and when our community approves, we will implement the new feature.