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Our Roadmap

We are fully loaded with great ideas; but we also need you to create our roadmap and set the right priorities.

The idea is that we are working towards a minimum viable product (MVP). We first defined the core functionalities which are required even to start thinking about something new. Some basics, like Employee records, time off requests, etc.

Our roadmap is not set in stone. We are agile enough to change our priorities; based on market feedback and enough pennies in our pockets.

Name Description Release
Employee data Standard employee data
Job information
Position information
Minimal Release (end of July 2020)
Leaves Including approvals and notifications
  • Paid
  • Unpaid
  • Sick
  • Special
Leave policy
Minimal Release (end of July 2020)
Company structure Reports To
Departments, etc
Minimal Release (end of July 2020)
Employee Directory Overview of all the employees Minimal Release (end of July 2020)
Basic reporting Simple reports and downloads on employees, holiday balances, holiday requests. Minimal Release (end of July 2020)
Teams Create and manage teams Minimal Release (end of July 2020)
Team Calendars Holiday conflict avoider
Organize team events
Company overview on "who is out"
TeamSpirit CORE (autumn 2020)
One on One meetings Get better prepared for One on One meetings (both for managers and employees). TeamSpirit CORE (autumn 2020)
360 degrees feedback requests Ask your buddies for feedback. TeamSpirit CORE (autumn 2020)
Employee benefits Register the benefits of the employees MVP (early 2021)
Asset management Which assets does the employee have. MVP (early 2021)
Team development plans People and teams are developing. We believe that teams should have a common goal on improvements. MVP (early 2021)
Performance Review - bonus system You should know how you are performing, but what if your team buddies are great influencers? TBD
Kudo system Compliment your co-workers. TBD
Recruitment module Full workflow tool for recruitment TBD
Projects and hours Tracking your hours on projects. Connecting to several invoicing systems. TBD
and many more ... Our ideas are endless... and together with your input we will have a lifetime of new features to develop. TBD

Pricing and packages

Name Description Monthly Price
TeamSpirit Early Adopter Pack Valid for companies with maximum 25 users.
Hosted on a shared server.
Current release.
TeamSpirit Early Adopter Pack II Valid for companies with maximum 25 users.
Hosted on a dedicated Virtual Private Server.
Current release.
10 euro
TeamSpirit Early Adopter Business Pack Valid for companies with with over 25 users.
Hosted on a dedicated Virtual Private Server.
Current release.
20 euro
+ 1 euro per user over 25

Our commitment is that the early adopters will benefit in the future.
If your register yourself now, you don't commit to anything yet. Our platform is not released yet.

Ok! Count me in.

I love the idea, but just keep me informed.

About us

TeamSpirit is being developed and financed by Sourcelab Ltd.

The two founders of Sourcelab, Daniel and Jeroen, have together over 40 years of experience in the software industry.

You can reach out to us via


We follow the strict law and regulations in Europe in regard to privacy. The main regulations are known as GDPR.

All the employee date is owned by our customers. We will only touch this data with the explicit approval of our customer and only for support purposes. No third party will get access.

We will only keep records of the customers data for administrative purposes (invoices, support, survey data, etc.) This is not considered employee data.

When you start using TeamSpirit, we will send you our privacy policy and if needed the data processing agreement.

How to become a part of the TeamSpirit early adopter community?

Register yourself fast to be one of the early adopters and give us your input and feedback.

Companies with up to 10 employees can use TeamSpirit for free!

Every month we will deliver new features. Our roadmap is endless. Make sure you take the full profit.

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